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List of companies providing dust recovery equipment, fiber content measurement equipment, process monitoring equipment and software.


Air Purification Systems lnc.

610 N. Main St., Logan UT 54321 USA, Tel: (435) 752-0321 Fax: (435) 753-5331

Business: Distributor of dust-recovery and odor control equipment.


Assembly Guidance systems Inc.

315 Littleton Rd., Chelmsford, MA 01824, USA, Tel: (978) 244-1166, Fax: (978) 244-9288

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: In-process quality monitoring and fiber orientation verification.


CEM Corp.

PO BOX 200, Matthews NC 28106-0200 USA, Tel: (704) 821-7015 Fax: 704-821-5185

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Microwave based laboratory systems for fiber (reinforcement) content determination.


DCM Clean-Air Products

6850 Manhattan Blvd. Ste. 500, Fort Worth TX 76120 USA, Tel: (800) 624-4518 Fax: (817) 451-0615


Business: Dust collecting shrouds for hand-held sanders, grinders, routers and cutoff saws. Dust collecting svstems with HEPA filtration.


Durr Environmental Inc.

14492 N. Sheldon Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170, USA, Tel: (734) 207-8500, Fax: (734) 207-8930

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Waste water treatment systems, Air pollution control systems.


Dustvent Inc.

100 W. Fay St., Addison, IL 60101, USA, Tel: (630) 54309007, Fax: (630) 543-1407

Business: Dust collectors.


Nilfisk-Advance America Inc.

300 Technology Dr., Malvern PA 19355 USA, Tel: (610) 647-6420 Fax: (610) 647-6427

Web site- E-mail:

Business: HEPA-filtered industrial vacuum cleaners and vacuum-assisted power tools.


Richter Engineering Co. (RECO)

PO Box 802642, Santa Clarita CA 91380-2642 USA, Tel: (805) 294-0118 Fax: (805) 294-0119

Business: Downdraft work benches, dust collection systems and dust collectors.


Spencer Turbine Co.

600 Day Hill Rd., Windsor CT 06095 USA, Tel: (800) 232-4321 Fax: (860) 688-0098

Web site:

Business: Industrial vacuum cleaning systems for dust control and housekeeping.


Transmatic Environmental Systems

6720 Amsterdam Way, Wilmington, NC 28405 USA, Tel: (910) 395-1808, Fax: (910) 395-2110

Web site- E-mail:

Business: Vacuum products and dust collection equipment.


United Air Specialists Inc.

4440 Creek Rd., Cincinnati OH 45242 USA, Tel: (513) 891-0400

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Dust collection systems and electrostatic precipitators.


Virtek Vision Corp.

450 Phillip St., Waterloo Ontario N2L 5J2 Canada, Tel: (519) 746-7190 Fax: (519) 746-3383

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Laser projection technology to produce virtual templates used in the lay-up of composite plys and aircraft structure alignment.


W.C. Wiedenmann & Son Inc.

875 N Jan-Mar Ct., Olathe KS 66061 USA, Tel: (913) 782-4900 Fax: (913) 782-5423


Business: Dust and air pollution control systems.


X-Air Technology LLC

610 N. Main St., Logan UT 84321 USA, Tel: (435) 752-0321 Fax: (435) 753-8331

Business: Air-Down-Draft tables for dust and odor control.


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