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Measuring Devices

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List of companies providing process parameter measuring devices such as temperature, pressure, and cure measurement devices.



Matrisa Inc., 25 Wiggins Ave., Bedford MA 01730, Tel: (781) 275-3300 Fax: (781) 275-3705

Web site., E-mail:

Business: Dielectric and ultrasonic cure monitoring instrumentation, SMARTweave resin flow front analysis system, thermal conductivity measurement instrumentation and contract testing of thermal properties.


KOC Technology Corp.

2011 Research Dr., Livermore CA 94550 USA, Tel: (925) 449-4770 Fax: (925) 449-4121


Business: Microwave in situ sensors for cure and viscosity monitoring.


Tekscan Inc.

307 West First St. South, Boston MA 02127-1342 USA, Tel: (617) 464-4500 Fax: (617) 464-4266

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Pressure measurement systems using patented thin-film tactile force sensing arrays.


Telatemp Corp.

351 S. Raymond Ave., Fullerton CA 92831-4624 USA, Tel: (714) 879-2901 Fax: (714) 870-8136

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Temperature recording labels and infrared thermometers.


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