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E-Composites.com offers various services to companies for promoting their business, products, services and more. Companies can reach thousands of customers around the world in a very cost-effective, faster and efficient way.

Post Job or project needs
Get a right candidate or service provider in a quickest manner by posting your job or project needs at Job and Project Opportunity section. It is free of cost for first time user. Click the heading for more information.
Announce Company news
Announce mergers, new product release, technology breakthroughs, management change, earnings and more in our weekly Composites News and get a recognition industry wide. Click the heading for more information.
You can advertise about your company in our home page or other pages to create awareness about your products and services among your potential customers. According to a survey, in 97% cases it was the customer who contacted the seller first, therefore don't miss out. Make use of our cost-effective and fastest method to advertise about your products. Click the heading for more information.
Web Design and E-Commerce:
Internet technology is rapidly growing and has changed the way of conducting business. Today every business needs to have internet presence to attract more customers worldwide. E-Composites.com will prepare your business for next millenium by providing custom web design and consulting, e-commerce, internet marketing and many other internet services. You can save significant cost of making and distributing brochures by having a web page. Please call us at 616-532-4076 or e-mail us at customerservice@e-composites.com to discuss your project. Click the heading for more information. 


        E-Composites.com has announced an auction site beginning June 21, 1999. Please click the heading for more information.


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