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Aerospace Applications
Automotive Applications
Building Materials
Industrial Applications
Marine Applications
Medical Applications
Miscellaneous Applications
Pressure Vessels
Sandwich Panels
Sporting goods
Tubes and shafts




In this section you will find list of companies manufacturing composite products in following categories. Click any category to view the company's name. If you want to add your company name in any category, please e-mail us at  webmaster@e-composites.com  about your company name, address, telephone and fax number, website address, description about your company's business, and categories and subcategories as listed below. We have created links of many companies from our site and we request companies to provide link of our site www.e-composites.com from their site for visitors to look for weekly composites newsletter, message board and job openings.


1. Aerospace Applications.

2. Automotive Applications.

3. Building Materials.

4. Industrial Applications.

5. Infrastructure Applications.

6. Marine Applications.

7. Medical Applications.

8. Miscellaneous Applications.

9. Pressure Vessels.

10. Sandwich and Laminated Panels.

11. Sporting Goods.

12. Tubes, Shafts and Channels.




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