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Product Testing

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List of companies offering services in the field of testing (mechanical, physical and non-destructive), quality control, inspection, fit and finish.


Adcomp Technologies

5679 Bayberry Farms Dr., Grandville, MI 49418, USA, Tel: (616) 257-7250

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Literature and patent survey, Technical and market report, Materials characterization, Materials testing, Product Development, Process Optimization, R & D.


AdTech Systems Research Inc.

1342 N. Fairfleld Rd., Beavercreek, OH 45432, USA Tel: (937) 426-3329 Fax: (937) 426-8087

Web site: E-mail:

Business: Mechanical testing, material characterization, computer modeling/simulation.


Anholt Technologies Inc.

440 Church Rd., Avondale, PA 19311, USA, Tel: (610)-268-2758, Fax: (610) 268-3480

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Design, prototyping, testing, and process development.


Anter Corp.

1700 Universal Rd., Pittsburg, PA 15235-3998, USA, Tel: (412) 795-6410, Fax: (412) 795-8225

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Thermophysical testing instrumentation and testing services.


British Aerospace Systems and Equipment

PO Box 55, Gunnells Wood Rd., Stevenage, LE 17 5LY, England, Tel: +44 1438 75 3798 Fax: +44 1438 75 3813

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Radome design, development, manufacturing and testing.


L.J. Broutman and Associates

3424 S. State St., Chicago, IL 60616, USA, Tel: (312) 842-4100 Fax: (312) 842-3583

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Mechanical testing, nondestructive testing, QA, stress analysis, FEA, microscopy and failure analysis.


Chemir/Polytech Laboratories Inc.

2672 Metro Blvd., Maryland Heights MO 63043 USA, Tel: (314) 291-6620 Fax: (314) 291-6630

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Analytical materials testing laboratory. Routine analysis using standard test methods and procedures.


Cincinnati Testing Laboratories Inc.

417 Northland Blvd., Cincinnati OH 45240 USA, Tel: (513) 851-3313 Fax: (513) 851-3336


Business: High quality testing services specialized in the machining, conditioning, and testing of composites.


Composite Materials Research Group

University of Wyoming, PO Box 3295, Laramie WY 82071 USA, Tel: (307) 766-4266 Fax: (307) 766-2695

Web site., E-mail:

Business: Research and development in product design, materials selections. Composite testing including mechanical and most chemical analysis of composite materials. Failure analysis, computer modeling and finite element analysis available.


Composite Technology Development Inc.

1505 Coal Creek Dr., Lafayette CO 80026 USA, Tel: (303) 664-0394 Fax: (303) 664-0392

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Adhesives for cryogenic to elevated temperatures; Syntactic foams and advanced ceramics; Resins for pressure vessels and structures; Thermal testing.


Delsen Testing Laboratories Inc.

1024 Grand Central Ave., Glendale CA 91201 USA, Tel: (818) 247-4106 Fax: (818) 247-4537

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Mechanical and physical testing.


Dickten & Masch Manufacturing Co.

N44 W33341 Watertown Plank Rd., Nashotah, WI 53058 USA, Tel: (414) 369-5555, Fax: (414) 367-2331


Business: Material selection, testing, failure analysis.


Diffracto Ltd.

2835 Kew Dr., Windsor, Ontario N8T 3B7, Canada, Tel: (519) 945-6373, Fax: (519) 945-1467

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Fit and finish specialists. Inspection and objective ratings of the surface quality of both tooling and production parts.


Direct Dimensions

1450 S. Rolling Rd., Baltimore MD 21227 USA, Tel: (410) 455-5599 Fax: (410) 455-5587

Web site-, E-mail:

Business: 3D measurement, digitizing and reverse engineering services, and training.


Experimental Services Inc.

595 Waterloo road, Suffield, OH 44260 USA, Tel: (330) 628-2771, Fax: (330) 628-1556

Business: Material characterization, fatigue testing, vibration testing.


Geoscience Ltd.

6260-B Marindustry Dr., San Diego CA 92121 USA, Tel: (619) 453-5483 Fax: (619) 453-4694

Business: Materials and product testing, measurement of thermal conductivity, specific heat, expansion coefficient, heat of combustion and more.


HyPer Comp Engineering Inc.

1755 N. 2000 W. Ste. 2, Brigham City UT 84302 USA, Tel: (435) 734-1166 Fax: (435) 734-2717

Web site: E-mail:

Business: Engineering, training and testing services for the composites industry, specializing in composite pressure vessels, composite CNG cylinders and new factory start ups.


Integrated Technologies Inc. (INTEC)

22310 20th Ave. S.E., Ste. 200, Bothell WA 98021 USA, Tel: (425) 487-2888 Fax: (425) 485-3981

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Composite testing and fabrication services.


Laser Technology Inc.

1055 W. Germantown Pike, Norristown PA 19403 USA, Tel: (610) 631-5043 Fax: (610) 631-0934


Business: Nondestructing inspection of composite structures.


Lehigh Testing Laboratories Inc.

308 W. Basin Rd., PO Box 903, New Castle DE 19720 USA, Tel: (302) 328-0500 Fax: (302) 328-0417

Web site:

Business: Nondestructive, physical/mechanical and creep/stress rupture testing.


NDT Engineering Corp.

19620 Russell Rd., Kent WA 98032 USA, Tel: (253) 872-3565 Fax: (253) 872-0857


Business: Manufactures composite/bonded test reference standards for the aerospace industry.


Netzsch Instruments Inc.

Netzsch GmbH, 37 Industrial Blvd. Section D, Paoli PA 19301 USA, Tel: (610) 772-0520 Fax: (610) 772-0522

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Material characterization by thermal methods such as DSC, TGA, TMA, and DMA.


NIAR Composites Laboratory

1845 N. Fairmount, Wichita KS 67260-0093 USA, Tel: (316) 978-6427 Fax: (316) 978-3175

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Research, testing, and process development.


OCM Test Laboratory Inc.

3883 E. Eagle Dr., Anaheim CA 92807 USA, Tel: (714) 630-3003 Fax: (714) 630-4443

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Composite testing including mechanical, physical, thermal, chemical and environmental conditioning.


Owens Corning Testing Systems

2790 Columbus Rd., Granville OH 43023, USA, Tel: (877) 438-6287, Fax: (740) 321-4287

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Testing and consulting service.


Pacific Testing Laboratories Inc.

24950 Ave. Tibbetts, Valentia CA 91355-3426 USA, Tel: (805) 257-1437 Fax: (805) 257-2411

Web site:, E-mail:


Precision Measurements and Instruments Corp. (PMIC)

610 Applegate St., PO Box 34, Philomath OR 97370-0034 USA, Tel: (541) 929-6227 Fax: (541) 929-6726

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Materials test laboratory providing mechanical and thermophysical measurements for design verification, and quality assurance.


Progressive Engineering

1232 Descanso St., San Luis Obispo CA 93405 USA, Tel: (805) 541-0511 Fax: (805) 541-4772

Business: Design, prototyping, testing, consulting.


Schenectady Materials and Processes

Laboratory Inc., 2210 Technology Dr., PO Box 724, Schenectady NY 12301 USA

Tel: (518) 382-0082 Fax: (518) 382-1182

Web site- E-mail:

Business: Materials testing, evaluation, failure analysis, and product development.


Spectralab Inc.

6349 82nd Ave. N., Pinellas Park FL 33781 USA, Tel: (727) 545-2297 Fax: (727) 547-8024


Business: Materials testing laboratory and consulting services.


Structural Composites Inc.

7705 Technology Dr., W. Melbourne FL 32904 USA, Tel: (407) 951-9464 Fax: (407) 728-9071

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Design and analysis, materials testing, research and development, process and product development.


TouchStone Research Laboratory Ltd.

The Millennium Centre, Tridelphia WV 26059 USA, Tel: (304) 547-5800 Fax: (304) 547-5764

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Consulting, inspection and testing services.


VTEC Laboratories Inc.

212 Manida St., Bronx NY 10474 USA, Tel: (718) 542-8248 Fax: (718) 542-8759

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Testing and research services specialized in fire and flammability.



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