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Miscellaneous Materials

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List of companies supplying miscellaneous materials such as additives, curing agents, gelcoats, hardners, toughners, coatings, non-woven fabrics, microspheres, glass beads, and fastener for processing aid.


Ajinomoto USA Inc.

500 Frank W. Burr Blvd. Teaneck, NJ 07666 USA, Tel: (201) 488-1212, Fax: (201) 907-3252


Business: AJICURE, an epoxy curing agent and Phenlizer, a stabilizer for polyinvl chlorides.


Ashland Chemical Co.

PO Box 2219, Columbus, OH 43216, USA, Tel: (614) 790-4191, Fax: (614) 790-3206

Web site:

Business: Resins, adhesives and supplies for composite fabrication.


BBA Nonwavens/Veratec

100 Elm St., Walpole, MA 02081, USA, Tel: (800) 338-7954 Fax: (508) 668-8473


Business: Low lint wipes for surface preparation and nonwoven fabrics.


Brenniag SA

Stinnes, 90 Avenue du Progres, Lyon 69680, France, Tel: +33 04 72 22 16 00, Fax: +04 78 90 42 73

Business: Distributor of fiberglass, resins, gelcoats and solvents.


BYK-Chemie USA

Altanta, Inc., PO Box 5670, 524 S. Cherry St., Wallingford CT 06492 USA, Tel: (203) 265-2086 Fax: (203) 284-9158

Web site:

Business: Additives for air removal, anti-settling, fiber wetting, viscosity modification.


Ceepree Products Ltd.

135A Linaker St., Southport, PR8 SDF UK, Tel: +44 1704 530433 Fax: +44 1704 544138

Business: Fire retardant coatings, additives and adhesives.


Chris-Craft Industrial Products

407 County Line Rd., Gary IN 46403 USA, Tel: (219) 762-3165 Fax: (219) 763-4477

Web site:

Business: Produces flexible polyvinyl, alcohol film, solid surface carrier film and pressure tapes.


Craftech Industries Inc.

PO Box 636, #8 Dock St., Hudson NY 12534 USA, Tel: (518) 828-5001 Fax: (518) 828-9468

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Plastic fasteners, pipe hangers, hinges, handles, structural hardware, and tools.


Dexter Adhesive and Coating Systems

Dexter Corp., 2850 Willow Pass Rd., PO Box 312, Bay Point CA 94565 USA, Tel: (925) 458-8000 Fax: (925) 458-8030

Web site:

Business: Dexter Hysol paste and film adhesives. Dexter SynSkin composite surfacing films, Dexter SynCore syntactic films, and Dexter SynSpand expandable syntactic films. Dexter polyurethane topcoats and Dexter Aquadex interior waterbome coatings.


Expancel Inc.

Akzo-Nobel, 2150-H Northmont Pkwy., Duluth GA 30096 USA, Tel: (770) 813-9126 Fax: (770) 813-8639


Business: Thermoplastic microspheres for weight reduction and property enhancement. Expanded and unexpanded form.


Gazechim Composites-Moulabr/Modelage

Groupe Gazechim, 15 Rue Henri Brisson, Beziers 34500, France, Tel: +04 67 49 55 00, Fax: +04 67 49 55 49

Business: Distributor of resins, reinforcements, additives and special agents.


GLS Corporation

Composite Materials Division, 723 W. Algonquin Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60005-4432, Tel: (847) 437-0200, Fax: (847) 437-6060

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Raw material distributor of resins, reinforcements, catalysts, gel coats, fillers, core materials and vacuum bagging systems.


Landec Corp.

3603 Haven Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA, Tel: (650) 306-1650 Fax: (650) 368-9818

Web site:

Business: Temperature responsive Intelimer catalysts and promoters for thermoset resin systems. Intelimer products enhance pot-life and shelf-life, while retaining rapid cures.


Lonza Polymers & Additives

17-17 Rt. 208, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 USA, Tel: (201) 794-2400 Fax: (201) 794-2695

Business: Epoxy resin curing agents, anhydrides.


Microsphere Specialists

PO Box 1818, Woodbridge VA 22193-0818 USA, Tel: (703) 680-2429 Fax: (703) 680-2429


Buisness: Carbon microspheres and hollow carbon microspheres.


Paratherm Corp.

1050 Colwell Rd., Conshohocken PA 19428 USA, Tel: (610) 941-4900 Fax: (610) 941-9191

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: High-temperature, non-toxic, non-fouling heat transfer fluids that provide precise, uniform temperature control in coating, laminating, drying, curing and bonding applications.


Shyodu Instrument Co.

308 Melbourne Ave., Mamaroneck NY 10543 USA, Tel: (914) 698-0044

Business: Gel timers.


Sovitec Cataphote

BP 50098, Florange Cedex 57192 France, Tel: +33 382 59 1781 Fax: +33 382 52 9122

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Solid glass beads.


Sphere Services Inc.

1055 Commerce Park Dr. Ste. 100, Oak Ridge TN 37830 USA, Tel: (800) 314-8613 Fax: (423) 482-3938

Web site: E-mail:

Business: Ceramic hollow microspheres as fillers or extenders.


Tiodize Co. Inc.

5858 Engineer Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA, Tel: (714) 898-4377 Fax: (714) 891-7467

Web site: E-mail:

Business: Coatings for prevention of friction wear and corrosion.


Zeon Chemicals Inc.

4111 Bells Ln., Louisville, KY 40211, USA, Tel: (800) 735-3388 Fax: (502) 775-2055

Web site:, Email:

Business: DuoMod particulate toughners and elastomers for composites and adhesives.



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