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List of companies providing autoclave processing service.


Advanced Composite Technologies Inc.

946/950 Spice Islands Dr., Sparks NV 89431, USA, Tel: (702) 358-0115, Fax: (702) 358-3234

Business: Fabricates composite structures using autoclave, oven and press curing.


Composiflex Inc.

8100 Hawthorne Dr., Erie PA 16509 USA, Tel: (800) 673-2544 Fax: (814) 866-0563

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Designs and manufactures composite structures for medical, commercial, ballistic and recreational use from high-performance thermoplastics and thermosets. Filament winding, waterjet cutting, press and autoclave curing facilities.


Composite Resources Inc.

9201-F Forsyth Park Dr., Charlotte NC 28273 USA, Tel: (704) 504-0334 Fax: (704) 504-0335

Web site. E-mail:

Business: Tubing, rods, solid laminates and honeycomb core laminates. Specialized parts and prototyping using RTM, custom braiding and vacuum/autoclave methods.


Current Inc.

30 Tyler St., PO Box 120183, East Haven CT 06512 USA, Tel: (203) 469-1337 Fax: (203) 467-8435

Web site- E-mail:

Business: Laminated sheets, tubing, rods, and structural sandwich panels. Compression molding, pultrusion, vacuum and autoclave fabrication.


Flugzeug Union Sud GmbH

Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG, Rudolf Diesel Strasse 26, Ottobrunn D-85521 Germany

Tel: +49 89 60725426 Fax: +49 89 60725925


Business: Vacuum bonding.


Integrated Composites

741 Neeson Road, Building 527, Marina, CA 93933

Tel: (831) 883-3360, Fax: (831) 883-3373

Business: Integrated Composites designs, develops and manufactures high performance structures utilizing advanced composite materials and high-tech fabrication processes. ICI’s proprietary line of tooling materials, FASTool™ is a robust advanced composite mold-making system, that enables quick tooling fabrication with high performance approaching that of costly metallic tooling at a lower overall cost.


Lincoln Composites

4300 Industrial Ave., Lincoln NE 68504 USA, Tel: (402) 464-8211 Fax: (402) 464-2247

Web site: E-mail:

Business: Filament wound products. Autoclave, machining, lay up and compression molding and supplementary capabilities.


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