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List of companies supplying honeycomb, foam and balsa core materials.


Alcore Inc.

1502 Quarry Dr., Edgewood, MD 21040, USA, Tel: (410) 676-7100 Fax: (410) 676-7200

Web site., E-mail:

Business: Manufacturer of aluminum, thermoplastic, Nomex and other core materials as well as precision processed parts.


American Foam Technologies

RR I Box 408A, Roneeverte, WV 24970, USA, Tel: (800) 366-7222, Fax: (304) 647-4125

Web site., E-mail:

Business: Manufacturer of Thermo-Cur, Poly-Cur, phenolic and urethane foams for industrial applications. Available in rigid sheets or buns, two-part mix for molding compound and spray-up formula. Closed and open cell.


Baltek Corp.

P.O. Box 195, northvale, NJ 07647, USA Tel: (201) 767-1400, Fax: (201) 387-6631


Business: Balsa core.


Bellcomb Technologies Inc.

70 N. 22nd Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55411 - 2237, Tel: (612) 521-2425

Business: Honeycombs, foams, balsa core, and sandwich panels.


Divinycell International Inc.

315 Seahawk Dr., DeSoto, TX 75115 USA, Tel: (972) 228-7600 Fax: (972) 228-2667

Web site.

Business: Manufactures Divinycell and PVC foams, asyntactic foams.



Barley MiU Plaza, PIO-2286, Wilmington, DE 19880-0010 USA, Tel: (800) 453-8527 Fax: (804) 383-3963

Business: Kevlar fiber, Nomex paper and Korex honeycomb.


Elliott Co. of Indianapolis Inc.

9200 Zionsville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA, Tel: (800) 545-1213 Fax: (317) 291-1219

Business: Elfoam brand rigid polyisocyanurate foam.


Elliott Corp.

8741 Americana Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA, Tel: (317) 872-1213 Fax: (317) 872-1213

Business: Manufactures Webcore, a fibrous web reinforced structural foam core material, used in VARTM, SCRIMP, RTM and pultrusion closed mold processes.



Euro-Composites Corp.

13213 Airpark Dr., Elkwood VA 22718 USA, Tel: (540) 829-6600 Fax: (540) 829-6611

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Honeycomb core and laminated panels. Aluminum and aramid honeycomb.


General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

4910 Burlington Way, Tacoma WA 98409 USA

Tel: (253) 473-5000 Fax: (253) 473-5104

Web site: E-mail:

Business: Last-A-Foam, high-density rigid and flexible polyurethane foams, plastic sheets.


GLS Corporation

Composite Materials Division, 723 W. Algonquin Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60005-4432, Tel: (847) 437-0200, Fax: (847) 437-6060

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Raw material distributor of resins, reinforcements, catalysts, gel coats, fillers, core materials and vacuum bagging systems.


Goldenwest Manufacturing Inc.

PO Box 1148, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924 USA, Tel: (530) 272-1133, Fax: (530) 272-1070

Web site: E-mail:

Business: Butterboard, syntactic foam for patterns.


Hexcel Corp.

5794 Las Positas Blvd., Pleasanton, CA 94549, USA, Tel: (800) 444-3923 Fax: (510) 734-9042

Web site:

Business: High strength carbon fibers and industrial fabrics, prepregs, adhesives and honeycomb core.


National Nonwovens

PO Box 150, 180 Pleasant St., Easthampton, MA 01027, USA, Tel: (413) 527-3445, Fax: (413) 527-9570

Business: Structural and insulating core.


New Markets Ltd.

Theocsbury House, 18-20 Barton St., Tewkesbury Gloucestershire GL20 5PP UK

Tel: +44 1684 291544 Fax: +44 1684 291545


Business: Distributor of adhesive, prepregs, honeycomb, syntactic core.


Nida-Core Corp.

3240 S.W. 42nd Ave., Palm City FL 34990 USA, Tel: (561) 287-6464 Fax: (561) 287-5373

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Plastic honeycomb, sandwich panel.


Pacific Trading Co. International

PO Box 3593, Mission Viejo CA 92690 USA, Tel: (949) 492-1659 Fax: (949) 498-5340


Business: Balsa wood core and sandwich panels.


Plascore Inc.

615 N. Fairview St., PO Box 170, Zeeland, MI 49464-0170 USA, Tel: (616) 772-1220 Fax: (616) 772-5508

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Aluminum, plastic and nomex honeycomb core.


Richmond Aircraft Products

Div. of Cadillac Plastics, 13503 Pumice St., Norwalk CA 90650 USA, Tel: (562) 404-2440 Fax: (562) 404-9011

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Rohacell foam, Vacuum bagging films, PFG peel plies, tacky tapes, release films

and fabrics, pressure sensitive tapes, breathers and bleeders.


Rohm GmbH

Kirschenallee, Darmstadt 64293 Germany, Tel: +49 6151 184008 Fax: +49 6151 184007

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Rohacell (PMI) foam.


Texas Almet Inc.

2800 E. Randol Mill Rd., Arlington, TX 76011 USA, Tel: (817) 649-7056 Fax: (817) 649-3154

Web site: E-mail:

Business: Structural honeycomb.


Tricel Honeycomb Corp.

2100 Swanson Ct., Gurnee, IL 60031 USA, Tel: (847) 336-1321 Fax: (847) 336-1311

Web site:, E-mail:

Business: Paper honeycomb core.


Westwind Composites Inc.

533 State Hwy. 36, PO Box 1087, Rosenberg TX 77471 USA, Tel: (281) 238-9669 Fax: (281) 238-9456

Business: Core and sandwich panels.


YLA Cellular Products Co.

136 Wright Brothers Ave., Livermore CA 94550 USA, Tel: (925) 454-3010 Fax: (925) 454-3011

Web site: , E-mail:

Business: Specialty honeycomb. Carbon Core.


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